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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

Construction Worker

Company Acquisitions & Investments
Our Company Acquisitions & Investments Group acquires and invests in diverse operating companies and assets. We focus on complicated transactions enabling us to leverage our ability to complete due diligence quickly; and fund change of control transactions as principals. We are interested in acquisitions of both public and private companies, or the restructure of those companies.

Real Estate Acquisitions & Investments Group

Our Real Estate Group actively seeks investment opportunities in real estate properties and projects throughout the U.S. We target unique, niche opportunities in both new construction and re-development, focusing on deals in evolving urban sub-markets that we are able to conduct due diligence and commit to quickly.

Risk Transfer Partner


Royal Union is uniquely qualified to be act as a Risk Transfer Partner for complex situations involving environmental issues, litigation, bankruptcy and insurance claims. Our legal and operations team provides the resources to cost-effectively manage complex issues that many investors wish to avoid. We are experienced and comfortable dealing with significant environmental and litigation liabilities including:



  • Asset liability services

  • Environmentally-impacted properties

  • Companies in litigation, foreclosure or bankruptcy

  • Assets under lender liability claims

Plan Vision

Operations Group


Our Operations Group is an in-house team that assists in managing and integrating new acquisitions and servicing asset portfolios. We actively support our investments by providing not only our capital, but also, high-quality operational resources. Resources we provide in-house include:


  • Finance

  • Accounting

  • Special Asset Management

  • Marketing

  • Legal

  • Risk Management

  • Green Technology

Asset Acquisitions & Investments Group
Our Asset Group serves active participants in the market who have demanding portfolio management goals. We work actively with principals and brokers looking to buy and sell whole portfolios or single or bundled assets.

Two Scenarios:



  • Royal Union as a Principal Investor – We acquire companies or assets with liabilities that others wish to avoid.

  • Royal Union as a Strategic Partner – We partner with strategic buyers that want assets of a target but fear the liabilities. We take the entity and liabilities and transfer assets to the strategic buyer.

Property Litigation
Royal Union will provide capital and consulting services for property in litigation in exchange for participation or ownership.

Special Situations Investments


In addition to all of the areas described above, Royal Union seeks to make opportunistic investments in complex or misunderstood situations that do not fall under a clearly defined category. We take pride in completing complicated transactions others have said were too difficult or resource intensive.

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