Investment Criteria

Royal Union does not limit its investment criteria based on transaction size, geography, industry, or public/private status and we will consider assets of all sizes for our core portfolio. For detailed information regarding Royal Union’s investment criteria, please see the appropriate area below:


Company Acquisitions & Investments

Although there is no investment that can be characterized as typical, our investments generally focus on (i) acquiring a controlling interest in a company in order to assist management with operational improvement and capital projects in a longer-term hold strategy; (ii) providing capital to companies in order to allow the company to recapitalize and turn-around its operations, or (iii) providing specialized consulting to existing firms to recapitalize or reposition their assets and balance sheets.


We will consider a wide variety of companies with the following characteristics:

  • Healthy or distressed companies with tangible assets on the balance sheet

  • Turnaround situations

  • Control transactions

  • No minimum investment size

  • Bankrupt companies (going concern or assets)

  • Assets located anywhere

Real Estate Acquisitions & Investments

The greatest protection against risk in any real estate investment is experience. We benefit from our decades of learned expertise in real estate of every kind throughout the United States. We have acted as the developer for a diverse set of assets, and as an active provider of both debt and equity capital to third-party sponsors on development projects. As principals, we have completed major restructuring on a variety of property types, as well as ground-up construction. In addition, we can assist in short and medium-term mezzanine debt and preferred equity financing for recapitalization of individual projects.
Our depth of experience allows us to take an active role in creating value and we have built a track record of repositioning real estate assets through the use of creative capital structures. Additionally, our streamlined management team and aggressive posture means we execute rapidly.

Debt Acquisitions & Investments


Our status as a private equity firm means freedom from the stranglehold of regulations, bureaucracy, and restricted action. Instead, we bring the full power of our management experience and financial assets to help you meet the requirements of your transaction.
Performing and Sub-Performing Loan Acquisitions
We invite discussion on any performing or sub-performing assets that fall within the following parameters:
Individual loans from $100K to $100M
Portfolio purchases from $1M to $100M
All collateral types
High LTV or low DSCR
Assets located anywhere
Environmentally troubled assets

Assets in bankruptcy
Non-Performing Loan and Distressed Debt Acquisitions
Our experience over decades is particularly strong in this area and can even include assistance with assets in litigation, foreclosure or bankruptcy. While other firms may offer similar experience, none can match our speed or creativity.
We invite discussion on any non-performing assets that fall within the following parameters:
Individual loan purchases from $1M to $100M
Assets in litigation, foreclosure or bankruptcy
All collateral types
Environmentally-impacted properties
Assets under lender liability or bankruptcy claims
Assets located anywhere