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Royal Union

Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

Company Overview:

As a private firm, Royal Union brings proven experience, bold strategy, and aggressive execution to investments in asset-based businesses, real estate properties and other acquisitions across the U.S. as a principal and also providing consulting services to a variety of companies.


Since inception, our firm and its affiliate companies have completed over a  billion dollars in transactions.


While markets change, our philosophy has not. We stand firm in our approach to the business of creating and managing value.

Our Areas of Expertise:

Company Acquisitions & Investments

·         Public and private restructuring

·         Debt/Equity restructuring


​Real Estate Acquisitions & Investments

·         Commercial real estate

·         Land banking

·         Multi-use properties


​Other Acquisitions & Investments

·         Performing & non-performing assets


Asset ​Management Services


Restructuring and Litigation Issues

Competitive Advantages:


  • Proven Track Record & Experience

  • Speed & Flexibility


  • Unique Solutions

  • Creative Team Approach



Our goal at Royal Union is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your liquidity and profitability, be it an individual or a large organization.​

We design tailored solutions specifically to your needs in order to ensure you achieve your success.​

Check out our custom solutions and services at:


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