The Royal Union Team

Having roots in Las Vegas since 1950, with a reputation for closing deals, most real estate opportunities are presented to us first.  Strong relationships exist and are nourished with associates in the development industry, from subcontractors to leasing brokers and land sellers.  Associating ourselves with the best professionals insures the most successful projects.
Michael Hesser
Mike has had forty years of valuable experience in the field of real estate investment management. Prior to moving to Las Vegas in 1989, he lived in Phoenix, Arizona, where he held the position of investment managing partner in local real estate partnerships and was president of a real estate investment management association. Through this group he handled the acquisition disposition investment management of all real estate assets and carried out the structured financing for each asset. He not only excelled in the typical aspects of real estate, but also supervised the more in-depth areas of real estate development, such as successful apartment-condo conversion. Currently, he is the managing partner for several commercial properties and master plan land holdings, totaling over 30,000 acres in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Utah.At present, Mr. Hesser is overseeing the financing, acquisition and development of a gaming property in Laughlin, Nevada and managing a retail property location in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. 
Vincent Hesser
Vincent Hesser was Chief Operating and Financial Officer for Pacific from 1992.  His areas of responsibility included coordinating the development of corporate policies, goal, and objectives relative to company operations; lender and investor relations; and financial performance and growth. 
He oversaw daily company operations and business affairs to ensure that business objectives were achieved.  During his tenure with Pacific, Mr. Hesser obtained project equity and debt financing of over $500 Million for various real estate projects.Mr. Hesser began his career at PriMerit Bank in Las Vegas, Nevada, responsible for analyzing, evaluating, and reporting on numerous real estate joint ventures throughout the southwestern United States, totaling over $85 Million in equity investments.  He also assisted the bank in their reviews with the Federal Office of Thrift Supervision and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in relation to those investments.

Marlon Steele
Marlon "Mack" Steele is responsible for managing the legal affairs of Royal Union including transnational, operational and litigation matters. He has over 5 years legal experience in corporate and real estate including acquisitions, disposition, corporate and real estate finance, mergers and acquisitions, leasing and development projects.